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About Us

Thomas Vaughan (co-founder of GS Renewable) grew up with an agricultural background. At the beginning of his career, he identified the importance of tackling climate change. As a climate advocate, he planted 22,000 trees to offset carbon. Tackling climate change is in the DNA of GS Renewable's mission. 

Thomas set up GS Renewable in 2010 with Erik Vaughan. Both as award winning mechanical engineers saw how heat pump technology creates substantial positive impact to the environment. Since then, our team have established a world class reputation as pioneers of integrated renewable technologies specialising in heat pump solutions. 


Back in 2019, the pandemic reshaped GS Renewable's business model by shifting it's core function to supplying "plug and play" modular heat pump plant rooms as the core function while maintaining the consultancy and service maintenance arms of the business. Essentially, the design of our modular heat pump plant rooms are comprised with the design from 20+ years of award winning expertise.

GS Renewable as an industry leader was invited as a panelist at COP to speak with peers on how to tackle climate change in the heating and cooling sector. 

GS Renewable's mission is to ensure that we are helping to mitigate the risk of global temperatures rising to 1.5 degree celsius, GS Renewable are committed to collaborate on a cross-sector level and is an active member of the European Heat Pump Association, SEAI Ireland and Green Tech Alliance. 

In 2022, GS Renewable is 1 of the selected 25 companies across Europe participating in European Union backed Climate-KIC Programme to help shape the building of circular economy for Europe.

Invest in a Cleaner Future with GS Renewable

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