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At GS Renewable, we recognise that precision in design is the cornerstone of every successful project. Our dedicated engineering team serve as the bedrock for creating optimal, efficient, and bespoke modular heat pump plant room systems tailored to the needs of our clients and energy consultants. 


GS Renewable's engineering team partners directly with clients and energy consultants to devise the best-in-class heat pump system design for their client in order to optimise the decarbonisation of business and operations where applications of heating / cooling / hot water / steam are required while maintaining regulatory compliance specific to the respective jurisdiction of the project.

GS Renewable's consultation services go beyond design, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the modular heat pump plant room's investment costs, potential savings, and finance/grant options. Our tailored solutions are strategically designed to align seamlessly with the overall sustainability and business goals of our clients, ensuring decarbonisation and driving contributions to the long-term success and environmental responsibility of the organisations.

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Modular Heat Pump System Design

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GS Renewable's specialisation is in thermodynamics and hydraulic systems. GS Renewable offer conceptual modular heat pump system design and validation of proposed design by energy consultants to help make the best informed choices to reduce energy use and carbon output in the operations that require heating / cooling / hot water / steam. 

We have designed bespoke heat pump plant rooms in excess of 10MW for our customers ranging from government bodies to household name multinational corporations.

By engaging our team of design experts that specialise in heat pump system design, clients and energy consultants benefit from a comprehensive analysis of their specific requirements, ensuring the seamless integration of our modular plant room solutions into their existing infrastructure. Through collaborative consultations with clients, energy consultants, we navigate the complexities of system integration, performance optimisation, and regulatory compliance.


This meticulous approach not only enhances the overall functionality of our modular heat pump plant rooms but also contributes significantly to the sustainable and energy-efficient goals of our clients, fostering long-term success in an ever-evolving energy landscape. 

Project Cost
and Savings Analysis 

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Our dedicated team conducts a meticulous examination, taking into account critical factors such as energy efficiency enhancements, ongoing maintenance requirements, and operational efficiencies. This holistic approach ensures that clients and energy consultants receive a thorough understanding of the economic advantages associated with the heat pump system design. By delving into the intricacies of both costs and potential savings, our design consultancy equips stakeholders with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions throughout the system's lifespan.

In navigating this detailed analysis, clients and energy consultants gain valuable insights into the long-term economic viability of the proposed heat pump system design. Beyond the clarity provided regarding the initial investment, our consultancy empowers stakeholders with a holistic perspective on the sustained financial benefits over the system's lifespan. This nuanced understanding enables strategic decision-making aligned with considerations of long-term economic sustainability. Moreover, the consultancy process emphasises environmental responsibility, acknowledging the pivotal role of sustainable practices in shaping the future of energy solutions.

By delivering a comprehensive overview of both costs and potential savings, GS Renewable's consultation services stand as a pivotal tool for stakeholders seeking to navigate the complex landscape of modular heat pump plant rooms. Our commitment to empowering clients and energy consultants ensures that strategic decisions align not only with economic sustainability but also with a conscientious regard for environmental impact.


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We provide our expertise in design consultancy to assist our clients in preparation of finance and grant application documentation, and power purchase agreement application for each project.


Where projects require grants, we have a proven track record of success in supporting the client's claim of de-carbonisation grants from government bodies.


Where projects require financing, GS Renewable can assist in securing finance for our customers projects through our partnership with ESBI and financial institutions based in Europe.

In addition, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) present a compelling opportunity for large-scale developers seeking to maintain ownership of projects, particularly those involving district heating or housing. Through a PPA, the developer assumes the role of an energy provider, delivering heating and cooling services as a product directly to end-users. This strategic approach not only facilitates greater control over project outcomes but also serves to optimise the cost structure associated with the finalisation of housing units


In many instances, PPA can be applied to industrial production facilities also where waste heat can be an issue to deal with. We can design and facilitate systems whereby that waste heat can be captured and offered to neighbouring properties. This will provide energy efficient, environmentally friendly heating and cooling to the end users and an additional revenue stream to the producer.

Our experience can be at the client's service through consultations for the development on how to achieve power as a product.


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Design consultancy involves skillfully navigating the intricate terrain of industry regulations, a critical aspect that ensures the successful implementation of modular heat pump plant room solutions. At GS Renewable, our team of experts remains vigilant, staying abreast of both local and international standards, codes, and guidelines. This commitment is integral to guaranteeing that our modular heat pump plant room designs adhere rigorously to all relevant regulations. By maintaining a proactive stance in regulatory compliance, we not only enhance the overall safety of our solutions but also significantly mitigate the risk of complications arising during and after the installation process.

Our teams' continuous vigilance and proactive approach play a pivotal role in upholding the highest standards of safety and compliance throughout the design and implementation phases. By staying current with the evolving landscape of regulations, we ensure that our modular heat pump system designs not only meet but often exceed industry benchmarks. This dedication serves to fortify our clients' confidence in the reliability and adherence to legal frameworks, providing a solid foundation for the successful and seamless integration of our solutions into diverse infrastructures.

Beyond safeguarding against potential regulatory challenges, our proactive stance in compliance contributes to the longevity and efficiency of modular heat pump plant room installations. Clients can rest assured that our designs not only meet regulatory requirements. As a result, our design consultancy services offer clients a level of assurance that their modular heat pump plant room solutions are not only compliant but also poised for optimal performance and longevity.

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