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GS Renewable provides consultancy services to meet our customer requirements. The consultancy services are within the remit of selecting the most suited finance options for the client or from a design perspective when our modular heat pump plant room PR-2 (bespoke) is required. 

Grants / Power Purchase Agreements

Power As A Product 

Conceptual Design

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Grants / Power
Purchase Agreements

We provide our expertise in design and consultancy to assist in preparation of grant application documentation, and power purchase agreement application for your project.


We have a proven track record of success in claiming de-carbonisation grants from a number of different government bodies.


GS Renewable can assist in securing finance for our customers projects through our partnership with ESBI and other financial institutions.

Power As A Product

It is an attractive proposition for any large scale developer to retain ownership of a district heating system especially housing projects. The developer can provide heating and cooling energy as a product to the end user. This also allows the developer to reduce the cost of the completed housing unit.


In many instances this formula can be applied to industrial production facilities also where waste heat can be an issue to deal with. We can design and facilitate systems whereby that waste heat can be captured and offered to neighbouring properties. This will provide energy efficient, environmentally friendly heating and cooling to the end users and an additional revenue stream to the producer.

Our experience with our portfolio can be at your service through consultations for your development on how to achieve power as a product.

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Conceptual Design

With increasing demand and enforcement of carbon ceilings across industries, GS Renewable is consulted by partners on design, implementation of renewables to meet moral codes as well as company ESG / GRI targets.

GS Renewable has a high degree of specialisation in the field of thermodynamics and hydraulic systems. GS Renewable offer conceptual design to help you make the best informed choices to reduce energy use and carbon output in your property.

We have designed bespoke heat pump plant rooms in excess of 10MW for our customers ranging from government bodies to household name multinational corporations.

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