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Design Consultation Service

At GS Renewable, we recognise that precision in design is the cornerstone of every successful project. Our dedicated engineering team serve as the bedrock for creating optimal, efficient, and bespoke modular heat pump plant room systems tailored to the needs of our clients and energy consultants. 

GS Renewable's engineering team partners directly with clients and energy consultants to devise the best-in-class heat pump system design for their client in order to optimise the decarbonisation of business and operations where applications of heating / cooling / hot water / steam are required while maintaining regulatory compliance specific to the respective jurisdiction of the project.

GS Renewable's consultation services go beyond design, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the modular heat pump plant room's investment costs, potential savings, and finance/grant options. Our tailored solutions are strategically designed to align seamlessly with the overall sustainability and business goals of our clients, ensuring decarbonisation and driving contributions to the long-term success and environmental responsibility of the organisations.

Design Consultancy

Solution Driven Approach

GS Renewable's design consultancy service goes beyond simply designing a modular heat pump plant room. We take a solution-driven approach to deliver a strategic advantage for your business. During the design consultation phase, our team of expert engineers, collaborate with your team and energy consultants to analyze your specific needs and develops a plan to optimize energy efficiency and minimize your carbon footprint with our modular heat pump plant rooms.

This translates directly to significant cost savings on your energy bills, boosting profitability and long-term financial performance. Additionally, our modular design ensures seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, minimizing disruption and accelerating project completion.

By implementing our advanced heat pump technology, you can demonstrably reduce your company's environmental impact. This positions your brand as a leader in sustainability, enhancing brand reputation and potentially increasing the bottom line by attracting increasingly growing customer base who prioritise environmentally responsible practices.


Design Consultancy

Cost Savings Projections

Our design consultancy service goes beyond upfront capital expenditures. We leverage a data-driven approach to analyze energy efficiency, maintenance needs, and operational costs throughout the modular heat pump plant room's entire lifespan. This empowers you to make strategic decisions that maximize return on investment (ROI).

With a balanced focus between initial investment and long-term cost savings, our service provides a comprehensive financial analysis, including insights into long-term cost savings from energy efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements. This transparency allows for accurate budgeting and forecasting, ensuring strong financial performance over the life of the modular heat pump plant room.

Our approach empowers CFOs and business leaders to make strategic choices that prioritize both economic and environmental well-being. By demonstrating the positive environmental impact of reduced carbon emissions, you can effectively align your sustainability goals with long-term financial objectives.

Design Consultancy

Financing, Grants and Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA)

At GS Renewable, we understand the multiple level of complexities of project financing, sourcing grants (e.g SEAI schemes such as SSRH, BEC, EEOS) and attaining power purchase agreements (PPA).


By opting-in to our design consultancy service, clients can delegate the financing and grants sourcing to us. We support our clients through documentation preparation to attain finance and grant approvals by leveraging our expertise to secure funding and decarbonisation grants for your modular heat pump plant room.

Design Consultancy

EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)

The EU ETS is part of the European Union's strategy to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It's a cap-and-trade system that works by setting a limit on the total amount of certain greenhouse gases that can be emitted by industries covered by the scheme. Companies receive or purchase emission allowances, and if their emissions exceed their allowances, they must buy additional allowances from the market.

Through our design consultation service, we design heat pump plant rooms that can help clients comply with the EU ETS and reduce their overall emissions. As regulations around emissions tighten, EU ETS allowances are likely to become more expensive. A heat pump plant room from GS Renewables is a future-proof investment that helps clients stay ahead of the curve and potentially avoid significant costs associated with exceeding emission allowances in the future.

Our design consultancy service ensures the plant room designed adheres to EU ETS regulations. This simplifies compliance reporting and demonstrates your client's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Design Consultancy

Regulatory Compliance

Our design consultancy service delivers a modular heat pump plant room guaranteed to comply with relevant jurisdictions. This minimizes legal exposure and potential delays during construction.

We identify and address compliance concerns upfront, ensuring a smooth installation process for your heat pump project. This proactive approach mitigates potential legal disputes and costly rework.

The design of our pre-fabricated heat pump plant rooms seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, minimizing disruption and installation delays. They are also designed with integrated monitoring and control systems that accurately quantify energy usage and CO2 reduction. This provides verifiable data for environmental sustainability reporting, a key requirement under the EU's new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Our plant rooms contribute to demonstrably lower carbon emissions, aligning with the CSRD's focus on environmental transparency. This allows you to clearly showcase your commitment to decarbonization efforts, potentially mitigating future regulatory scrutiny and market risks.

By implementing our modular heat pump technology, your company can actively contribute to environmental sustainability goals. This not only fulfills legal compliance but also positions you as a leader in responsible corporate practices.

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Unlocking the potential of heat pumps for your business begins with a tailored design.
Our expert engineering consultants will analyze your unique needs and recommend the optimal modular plant room solution to maximize performance efficiency and minimize operational costs at scale.

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