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Founded by award-winning mechanical engineers, Thomas and Erik Vaughan, GS Renewable is driven by a deep commitment to combating climate change. Thomas's background in agriculture ignited a lifelong passion for environmental responsibility, reflected in his personal act of planting 22,000 trees to offset carbon emissions.

Since 2010, GS Renewable has become a leader in integrated renewable technologies, specializing in advanced heat pump solutions. Our modular heat pump plant rooms, incorporating over two decades of design expertise, offer a "plug and play" solution for efficient and sustainable heating, cooling, hot water, and steam generation.

Our dedication to sustainability and innovation has been recognized by industry leaders. We were invited as panelists at COP to discuss tackling climate change in the heating and cooling sector. Furthermore, our membership in prestigious organizations like the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), SEAI Ireland, Green Tech Alliance, and the Energy Resilience Leadership Group founded by Bill Gates and Siemens Energy, underscores our commitment to collaborative action.

Selected as a top 25 participant in the EU-backed Climate-KIC Programme in 2022, GS Renewable plays a vital role in shaping a circular economy for Europe. We are dedicated to achieving the goal of limiting global temperature increases to 1.5°C.

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