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Metal Pipes


The demand for companies to produce ESG reports has increased due to the demand to fight climate change and decarbonisation. By 2026, it will become a legal requirement under Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in the EU.



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GS Renewable has partnered up with companies that provide monitoring and control solutions that can help you add-value across site by generating reporting capabilities in all aspects of your facility, not just our plant room. The ability to monitor the performance on-demand and reporting will help the client optimise performance and reduce emissions and running cost in real time.

Our expertise in heat pump system design and installation have enabled our team to guarantee that the plant rooms are always operating at their best. We are here to advise our clients after commissioning stage and provide service maintenance callouts to maintain the quality and performance of our installations for years to come backed by historical data specific to your site(s).

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