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  • Case Studies | GS Renewable

    Case Studies Our core product, modular heat pump plant rooms (PR-1 & PR-2), are built off-site for faster installation and reduced on-site disruption. We provide high-efficiency heating, cooling, hot water, and steam solutions for companies with significant thermal needs. ​ Committed to sustainability and collaboration, we offer free access to valuable case studies (no email signup required) to empower informed decision-making within the industry. 河滨公园酒店, 爱尔兰 商业项目能源监测奖全国热泵奖获得者  河滨公园酒店, 爱尔兰 商业项目能源监测奖全国热泵奖获得者  鲍尔斯考特花园馆,爱尔兰 Stuart Perfect通过项目荣获国家ACR & Heat Pump Award 爱尔兰庄园农场 年度商业热泵安装国家 ACR 和热泵奖获得者 Hale House(一级保护建筑),英国 Hale Park 入围欧洲热泵奖、H&V 新闻奖、ACR 和热泵奖 私人客户,英国 国内地源项目获得国家 ACR 和热泵奖。 艾萨克斯酒店, 爱尔兰 荣获年度商业热泵安装国家 ACV 和热泵奖 Contact Us Today. We've designed and implemented award winning heat pump system solutions. Our modular heat pump plant room solutions can help you optimize your heating, hot water, cooling and steam requirements across your operations. Connect with our team of experts to get started. Reach out

  • Portfolio | GS Renewable

    我们的客户 GS Renewable empowers commercial and industrial clients to achieve clean energy with our custom-designed, modular heat pump systems. These solutions deliver decarbonization and cost savings for businesses needing heating, cooling, hot water and steam. Our proven expertise in various facilities ensures seamless integration for your specific needs. Industrial + Commercial Trusted by: Hotels + Estates “We are thrilled with the system, it really is very good. It’s helping us tackle our reliance on the volatile pricing of fossil fuels, which was making planning the future of the business very difficult. We’re delighted to be one of the first projects using this kind of innovative system, and it’s saving us money – it’s win-win.” Hotelier, Ireland Contact Us Today. Following in the footsteps of industry leaders who trust GS Renewable's heat pump expertise. Explore our client success stories to see how our customized solutions deliver real results. Reach out

  • Service Maintenance | GS Renewable

    Service Maintenance Service Maintenance Support We help clients achieve ESG reporting goals and comply with the EU CSRD through transparent and sustainable practices. Our service maintenance team leverages proactive risk mitigation strategies identified through AI-powered predictive monitoring. ​ We partner with industry leaders to offer cutting-edge AI for predictive monitoring and control, maximizing the value of your modular heat pump plant room. Our robust reporting provides insights to optimize efficiency, reduce emissions, and minimize operating costs. ​ Our dedicated service maintenance team, backed by extensive heat pump expertise, ensures your plant room operates at peak performance for long-term success. Training Support Our service maintenance goes beyond keeping your modular heat pump plant room running. We offer training programs designed to empower your facility team with the knowledge and skills to optimize performance, identify potential issues early on, and ensure the long-term efficiency of your system. This not only reduces operating costs but also empowers your team to become active partners in maximizing the sustainability benefits of your heat pump plant room. Contact Us Today. Ensure peak performance and avoid costly downtime with our comprehensive heat pump service and maintenance plans. Our skilled technicians will keep your heat pump system running smoothly and efficiently. Reach out

  • Modular Heat Pump Plant Rooms | GS Renewable

    Modular Heat Pump Plant Rooms 100% Decarbonisation 80% Operating Cost Savings 20% Project Savings GS Renewable's commitment to building modular heat pump plant rooms with optimal performance efficiency aligns perfectly with the principles of double materiality, helping organisations achieve the following up to: Heating Cooling Hot Water Steam With decades of heat pump design and installation experience, GS Renewable helps organisations in the commercial and industrial sector to decarbonise their operations across: Read More Scope 1: Direct Emissions Refrigerant is used to transfer heat, our well-designed systems employ closed-loop circuits, minimizing leaks compared to traditional systems that burn fossil fuels directly. This reduces emissions of harmful refrigerants with high global warming potential (GWP). Scope 2: Indirect Emissions from Energy Use Scope 3: Indirect Emissions from the Supply Chain Heat pump systems can seamlessly integrate with renewable energy sources like solar or wind power. By using clean electricity for operation, heat pumps drastically minimize Scope 2 emissions compared to fossil fuel-powered systems. Unlike on-site construction of traditional heating systems, our heat pump systems are manufactured in controlled facilities. This allows for more efficient production processes and reduced transportation emissions associated with bringing various components to a construction site. Read More PR-1 (标准热泵机房) 供暖、制冷、热水 ​ 适用于酒店、公寓、疗养院等。 ​ 温度高达 70 摄氏度 ​ 取决于 80% 降低运营成本 ​ 取决于 100% 减少碳排放 ​ 即插即用的商业改造和新建 ​ 异地生产造成的干扰最小 ​ 对可持续性报告(ESG、CSRD 等)的可衡量影响。   PR-2 加热、冷却、热水、蒸汽 ​ 用于区域供热、商业、过程供热和制冷 ​ 温度高达 140 摄氏度 ​ 取决于 100 % 减少脱碳 ​ 多种温度要求 ​ 定制设计以适应业务需求 ​ 异地生产造成的干扰最小 ​ 对可持续发展报告(ESG、CSRD 等)的可衡量影响 GS Renewable does not believe in a one size fits all approach and are experts in identifying opportunities for performance efficiency specific to your site and operations. GS Renewable's experienced engineering team excels at innovative heat source integration. We leverage our expertise to identify unconventional yet viable sources within a business operation. This approach can significantly enhance system efficiency compared to industry standards while meeting business requirements. Air Source Ground Source Water Source Waste Water Agricultural Waste Solar PVT Industrial Waste Heat District Heating Contact Us Today. Curious how our modular heat pump plant room products can benefit your facility? Reach out

  • Design Consultation Service | GS Renewable

    Design Consultation Service 随着各行业对碳上限的需求和实施不断增加,合作伙伴就可再生能源的设计和实施向 GS Renewable 提供咨询,以满足道德准则和公司 ESG / GRI 目标。 ​ GS Renewable 在热力学和液压系统领域具有高度专业化。 GS Renewable 提供概念设计,帮助您做出最明智的选择,以减少您物业的能源使用和碳排放。 ​ 我们为从政府机构到家喻户晓的跨国公司等客户设计了超过 10 兆瓦的定制热泵机房。 Design Consultancy Solution Driven Approach GS Renewable's design consultancy service goes beyond simply designing a modular heat pump plant room. We take a solution-driven approach to deliver a strategic advantage for your business. During the design consultation phase, our team of expert engineers, collaborate with your team and energy consultants to analyze your specific needs and develops a plan to optimize energy efficiency and minimize your carbon footprint with our modular heat pump plant rooms. ​ This translates directly to significant cost savings on your energy bills, boosting profitability and long-term financial performance. Additionally, our modular design ensures seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, minimizing disruption and accelerating project completion. ​ By implementing our advanced heat pump technology, you can demonstrably reduce your company's environmental impact. This positions your brand as a leader in sustainability, enhancing brand reputation and potentially increasing the bottom line by attracting increasingly growing customer base who prioritise environmentally responsible practices. ​ ​ ​ Design Consultancy Cost Savings Projections Our design consultancy service goes beyond upfront capital expenditures. We leverage a data-driven approach to analyze energy efficiency, maintenance needs, and operational costs throughout the modular heat pump plant room's entire lifespan. This empowers you to make strategic decisions that maximize return on investment (ROI). ​ With a balanced focus between initial investment and long-term cost savings, our service provides a comprehensive financial analysis, including insights into long-term cost savings from energy efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements. This transparency allows for accurate budgeting and forecasting, ensuring strong financial performance over the life of the modular heat pump plant room. ​ Our approach empowers CFOs and business leaders to make strategic choices that prioritize both economic and environmental well-being. By demonstrating the positive environmental impact of reduced carbon emissions, you can effectively align your sustainability goals with long-term financial objectives. ​ ​ Design Consultancy Financing, Grants and Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA) At GS Renewable, we understand the multiple level of complexities of project financing, sourcing grants (e.g SEAI schemes such as SSRH, BEC, EEOS) and attaining power purchase agreements (PPA). By opting-in to our design consultancy service, clients can delegate the financing and grants sourcing to us. We support our clients through documentation preparation to attain finance and grant approvals by leveraging our expertise to secure funding and decarbonisation grants for your modular heat pump plant room. ​ ​ ​ Design Consultancy EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) The EU ETS is part of the European Union's strategy to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It's a cap-and-trade system that works by setting a limit on the total amount of certain greenhouse gases that can be emitted by industries covered by the scheme. Companies receive or purchase emission allowances, and if their emissions exceed their allowances, they must buy additional allowances from the market. ​ Through our design consultation service, we design heat pump plant rooms that can help clients comply with the EU ETS and reduce their overall emissions. As regulations around emissions tighten, EU ETS allowances are likely to become more expensive. A heat pump plant room from GS Renewables is a future-proof investment that helps clients stay ahead of the curve and potentially avoid significant costs associated with exceeding emission allowances in the future. ​ Our design consultancy service ensures the plant room designed adheres to EU ETS regulations. This simplifies compliance reporting and demonstrates your client's commitment to environmental responsibility. ​ ​ ​ Design Consultancy Regulatory Compliance Our design consultancy service delivers a modular heat pump plant room guaranteed to comply with relevant jurisdictions. This minimizes legal exposure and potential delays during construction. ​ We identify and address compliance concerns upfront, ensuring a smooth installation process for your heat pump project. This proactive approach mitigates potential legal disputes and costly rework. ​ The design of our pre-fabricated heat pump plant rooms seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, minimizing disruption and installation delays. They are also designed with integrated monitoring and control systems that accurately quantify energy usage and CO2 reduction. This provides verifiable data for environmental sustainability reporting, a key requirement under the EU's new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). ​ Our plant rooms contribute to demonstrably lower carbon emissions, aligning with the CSRD's focus on environmental transparency. This allows you to clearly showcase your commitment to decarbonization efforts, potentially mitigating future regulatory scrutiny and market risks. ​ By implementing our modular heat pump technology, your company can actively contribute to environmental sustainability goals. This not only fulfills legal compliance but also positions you as a leader in responsible corporate practices. Contact Us Today. Unlocking the potential of heat pumps for your business begins with a tailored design. Our expert engineering consultants will analyze your unique needs and recommend the optimal modular plant room solution to maximize performance efficiency and minimize operational costs at scale. Reach out

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    Invest in a sustainable future with a modular heat pump plant room. 18 UK & Ireland Industry Awards for Heat Pump System Design and Performance 2000 Heat Pump Projects Comissioned 40+ Years of Heat Pump System Design and Installation 47M Carbon Tonnes Saved Our Mission Empower organisations to invest in a sustainable future. Starting now. Our Products and Services Design Consultancy Heat Pump Plant Rooms Service Maintenance Contact Us Today. For more than two decades, our company has been a leader in designing and implementing heat pump systems for complex commercial and industrial applications. Our team of highly-skilled heat pump engineers is committed to understanding your unique requirements. We'd be happy to discuss how our modular plant room solutions can optimize your heating, hot water, cooling, steam operations. Reach out

  • About Us | GS Renewable

    About Founded by award-winning mechanical engineers, Thomas and Erik Vaughan, GS Renewable is driven by a deep commitment to combating climate change. Thomas's background in agriculture ignited a lifelong passion for environmental responsibility, reflected in his personal act of planting 22,000 trees to offset carbon emissions. ​ ​ Since 2010, GS Renewable has become a leader in integrated renewable technologies, specializing in advanced heat pump solutions . Our modular heat pump plant rooms , incorporating over two decades of design expertise, offer a "plug and play" solution for efficient and sustainable heating, cooling, hot water, and steam generation. ​ ​ Our dedication to sustainability and innovation has been recognized by industry leaders. We were invited as panelists at COP to discuss tackling climate change in the heating and cooling sector. Furthermore, our membership in prestigious organizations like the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), SEAI Ireland, Green Tech Alliance, and the Energy Resilience Leadership Group founded by Bill Gates and Siemens Energy, underscores our commitment to collaborative action. ​ ​ Selected as a top 25 participant in the EU-backed Climate-KIC Programme in 2022, GS Renewable plays a vital role in shaping a circular economy for Europe. We are dedicated to achieving the goal of limiting global temperature increases to 1.5°C. ​

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    Partner with us. Let's invest in a sustainable future together. 如有任何疑问,请发送电子邮件至 或使用以下表格。 Connect to decarbonise at scale and improve your bottom line. ​ GS Renewable team will learn about your business needs. ​ Check if our solutions are a good fit for your business requirements. ​ ​ ​ ​

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    18 项英国和爱尔兰国家热泵奖,表彰工业、商业和豪华住宅项目的最佳热泵系统设计 认证会员: 我们的使命:助力客户共同踏上实现净零碳的旅程。 GS Renewable 的“即插即用”模块化热泵机房使对供暖、制冷、热水或蒸汽有高需求的企业能够 100% 显着脱碳并节省 80% 的运营成本。  凭借超过 20 年的热泵技术经验和 18 项英国和爱尔兰国家热泵奖,以表彰商业、工业和豪华国内项目的最佳热泵设计,w e 还提供咨询和维护服务。 我们的合作伙伴遍布多个行业,包括爱尔兰、英国和欧洲大陆的工业制造、商业、酒店和政府机构。我们的办公地点位于爱尔兰、英国和德国。 如果您想实现以下目标,请与我们联系: ​ 100% 脱碳 ​ 80% 节省运营成本 ​ 20% 由于构建阶段的异地生产,节省了人工成本 学到更多 产品与服务 我们过去的安装规模各不相同,管道中的项目最高可达 10 兆瓦。 GS Renewable 提供的解决方案分为三个领域。 咨询 产品 服务

  • About | GS Renewable

    关于我们 Thomas Vaughan(GS Renewable 的联合创始人)在农业背景下长大。在他职业生涯的初期,他就确定了应对气候变化的重要性。作为气候倡导者,他种植了 220,000 棵树来抵消碳排放。应对气候变化是 GS Renewable 使命的核心。  ​ Thomas 于 2010 年与 Erik Vaughan 一起成立了 GS Renewable。作为屡获殊荣的机械工程师,他们都看到了热泵技术如何对环境产生巨大的积极影响。从那时起,我们的团队作为专门从事热泵解决方案的集成可再生技术先驱建立了世界级的声誉。  早在 2019 年,大流行病就重塑了 GS Renewable 的业务模式,将其核心功能转变为提供“即插即用”模块化热泵机房作为核心功能,同时保留了该业务的咨询和服务维护部门。从本质上讲,我们模块化热泵机房的设计采用了 20 多年屡获殊荣的专业知识的设计。 ​ GS Renewable 作为行业领导者应邀作为 COP 的小组成员与同行讨论如何应对供暖和制冷行业的气候变化。  ​ GS Renewable 的使命是确保我们帮助减轻全球气温上升至 1.5 摄氏度的风险,GS Renewable 致力于跨行业合作,并且是欧洲热泵协会、SEAI Ireland 和绿色科技联盟.  ​ 2022 年,GS Renewable 成为全欧洲参与欧盟支持的 Climate-KIC 计划的选定 25 家公司之一,该计划旨在帮助塑造欧洲的循环经济建设。 Invest in a Cleaner Future with GS Renewable

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