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18 UK & Ireland National Heat Pump Awards for best heat pump system design for industrial, commercial and luxury domestic projects

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Our Mission: Empower customers on our collective journey to reach net zero carbon.

GS Renewable's "plug and play" modular heat pump plant rooms enables businesses with high demand in heating, cooling, hot water or steam to significantly decarbonise by 100% and saving 80% on operational cost. 

With over 20+ years experience in heat pump technology and 18 award UK & Ireland National Heat Pump Awards for best heat pump design for commercial, industrial and luxury domestic projects, we also offer design consultancy and maintenance services.

Our partners vary across multiple industries including industrial manufacturing, commercial, hospitality and government bodies across Ireland, UK and Mainland Europe. Our locations are in Ireland, UK, Germany and Hong Kong, China.


Connect with us if you want to achieve the following:



Save up to Operational Cost


Save up to labour cost due to off-site production for build phase

Products and Services

Our past installations vary in size, with projects in the pipeline that range up to 10MW. Solutions offered by GS Renewable are segmented into three areas.

IT Consulting
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Image by Chris Liverani
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